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Commemorating our 35 Years of Motorcycling during the
25th Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show & Autojumble:

When clicking at each photo, you will be able to open a bigger picture in another window.  All photos have additional text, to read it place your mouse over them.

Trike Goldwing GL 1500cc 1996   Trikes Goldwing 1500cc and 1800cc

Trike Goldwing GL 1500cc 1996                        Trikes Goldwing 1500cc and 1800cc

The Honda Goldwing trikes, custom made yet incorporating high technology - attracted everybody's attention. The models in that stand were perfect in all details.

Vintage Honda Collection


Yamaha FS1E DX 50cc 1975

Vintage Honda Collection                        Yamaha FS1E DX 50cc 1975

I stayed flirting for a while with the bikes of Honda Collection, where each model in it remembered me of a friend, of a fact or even of a teen dream.  I become an adolescent again.  An interesting detail: the Yamaha FS1E above represent a passion the British have by this little 50cc bike.  There was a stand of a store that is specialized in this model, selling parts, manuals and giving hints for those interested in restoring one of those bikes.  The variety of parts in that stand (fs1galore)was so complete that it was possible to assemble a FS1E from scratch.  Pay attention to the pedals this bike has (this is a standard part in the Brazilian Caloi Mobylette motorbikes).  This was a standard part of those bikes coming to the UK (but not on those coming to Brazil), specially in England of the seventies in order to be classified as ''moped'' (...Some localities require pedals, thus making them  hybrid transport using both human power and machine power...).

I keep being a passionate motorcyclist and enthusiastic about everything related to motorcycling, and I take every opportunity to watch motorcycles anywhere I go.  In July 2005 I spent some days in Amsterdam, and there I could see many bicycles  and some motorcycles. From all motorcycles I saw at the streets of Amsterdam, two of them caught my attention immediately. The Suzuki Hayabusa, for being imponent and very powerful - thus contrasting with the bicycles around it; and the Honda Bol D'or 900 cc, for being very original and well maintained.  Then I decided to pose for Theresa in order to have those photos I am showing here in my pages.

Here I am aside a Suzuki Hayabusa in Amsterdam - Holland, July 2005.

Here I am aside a Suzuki Hayabusa in Amsterdam - Holland, July 2005.

I had been in Amsterdam in 1976, and my impression this time is that the number of bicycles increased a lot (now there are approximately 600.000 bicycles in this city of 738.000 inhabitants).  The Dutch people built a great nation in a small territory, putting their effort and dedication.  The many dams, canals, bridges and water ways allowed the people to "create" new areas.  Every bit of land is carefully and skillfully utilized.  When leaving the country we could observe from the airplane we were in that all areas around Schipol International Airport were cultivated.  They really value the natural resources available to them.

Honda Bol D'Or 900 cc in Amsterdam - Holland, July 2005.

  Honda Bol D'Or 900 cc in Amsterdam - Holland, July 2005.

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