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My 35 Years of Motorcycling jubilee took me to
the 25th Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show & Autojumble:

The variety of motorcycles on this show and the many clubs involved enriched this exhibition.  Despite the rain and cold the presence of the public made it a huge success.  This time I could look to details on specific bikes, differently from the first time I have been there.

Some collectors like to "overdress" their restored bikes, as the Honda CBX 550 showed below; I say that in the sense of not following strictly the factory specifications of a similar brand new model at the time of its release.  It is the case of the seat cover, that isn't black in colour as the original was.  Nevertheless, this motorcycle was one of a kind in the whole exhibition.

When looking at the Minarelli P6 Racer, seen below, I immediately remembered of Andrea Martelli (Sr. Andre), and his son - the engineer Piero Martelli and his Mondial, from his teen times in Goiania - GO (in the sixties).  This is an authentic Italian "purebred" !

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All photos have additional text (legend), to read it place the mouse over them.

Honda CBX550 1982   Minarelli P6 Racer 50cc Six speed 1970

Honda CBX550 1982                        Minarelli P6 Racer 50cc Six speed 1970

Speaking of Italian bikes the MV Agusta were beautifully shown, side by side, in a complete collection presented by the brand aficionados' club.  MV Agusta made history in the World Motorcycle Championship, through the magnificent presence of the "super-champion" Giacomo AgostiniAgostini simply won 7 titles on the 500cc and 8 titles on the 350cc categories.  Bear in mind that the two photos below show motorcycles 30 years apart regarding their age.  This is what I mean when I say classic.

MV Agusta 750cc Sport  1972


MV Agusta 750cc Sport 1991

MV Agusta 750cc Sport 1972                        MV Agusta 750cc Sport 1991

I could see some less known brands - at least to me - principally some British (or being more specific: some English) models that stayed confined to the United Kingdom at their time, as the New Imperial below.

Norton Commando 750cc 1972


New Imperial 46 DeLuxe 350cc OHV 1937

Norton Commando 750cc 1972                        New Imperial 46 DeLuxe 350cc OHV 1937

Raleigh is one of the most traditional British brands, nowadays making only bicycles.  This brand is synonym of quality and tradition.  The scooter (or better saying the motorbike) Rudge, shown below, was painstakingly restored by its lady owner and currently is one of the oldest and more awarded classic motorbikes in the United Kingdom, in the many shows she participates.

Raleigh Collection


Rudge Autocycle 98cc 1940

Raleigh Collection                        Rudge Autocycle 98cc 1940

The stands trading used parts and accessories had a whole building to cater for them and for the huge crowd of avid consumers.  The other buildings housed the motorcycles as well as stands trading new parts, accessories and equipment.

Stands selling parts


Suzuki Katana 1000cc, behind we see Suzuki GT 185

Stands selling parts                        Suzuki Katana 1000cc, behind we see Suzuki GT 185

The Suzuki collectors and owners had a separate area for them, there we could see the famous Suzuki Katana.  It was hard to pick out one of them as the most beautiful.  I immediately remembered the first time I saw a brand new Suzuki Katana: it was in a department store in Athens - Greece, in October 1982.

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