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Commemorating our 35 Years of Motorcycling during the
25th Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show & Autojumble:

On the 12/02/2005 I went to this magnificent classic motorcycle show.  I had been there in the previous year (2004), but I didn't take my camera on that occasion.  Having registered what I saw then on my memory only I decided that was the kind of show worth returning.  Lots of classics, many of them very rare, plus a very well organized section of used parts attracted a huge crowd, despite the low temperatures that day.

I found it a very good occasion to become close to many motorcycles that were part of my teen dreams; and an excuse to cheer myself for my  35 Years of Motorcyling  jubilee.  In spite of having in hands a very outdated analog camera I could get some interesting pictures, that were developed digitally to a CD-Rom, from there I could work the photos on my PC and I could produce this page and the other two that follows on the same subject.

I had the intent of looking for those motorcycles with eyes of a person that is completely and utterly passionate about motorcycles and everything relating to them.  It is worth mentioning as well that the core of this Internet site encompasses the kind of information that I feel interesting for those, like me, who think that if a vehicle has two (or sometimes three) wheels and an engine so it is worth looking at.

When clicking at each photo, you will be able to open a bigger picture in another window.  All photos have additional text, to read it place your mouse over them.

Ariel Arrow 250cc 1962   Ariel VG 500cc 1945 and Velocette Thruxton 500cc 1963

Ariel Arrow 250cc 1962                            Ariel VG 500cc 1945 and Velocette Thruxton 500cc 1963

The place where the show was held normally is used for agricultural shows, and is a little far from Bristol.  This is a very important show in England, drawing attention from collectors and enthusiasts from many European countries.

BMW R90S 1976


BSA DB Goldstar 600cc 1955

BMW R90S 1976                                                                     BSA DB Goldstar 600cc 1955

The variety of bike clubs and collectors was fantastic.  The details of the restored bikes came to my eyes from the first stand I went in, and all of that contributed to make this show a must.

BSA Model D TT 500cc 1913 e Rudge Special 500c 1939


BSA Rocket3 750cc 1970

BSA Model D TT 500cc 1913 e Rudge Special 500c 1939                    BSA Rocket3 750cc 1970

The number of bikes this year was so big, that even to take photos of them was a hard job.  The crowd filled all the empty spaces, and to get a good angle for a photo demanded some negotiation with the people around me.

Ducati Elite 200cc 1960


EMC 350cc 1948

Ducati Elite 200cc 1960                                                              EMC 350cc 1948

Being an 'aficcionado' as I am, principally considering the classics (despite appreciating any motorcycle), I felt very privileged for being there at that show of such prestige.  I was lucky for having the chance to enjoy such a variety of rare models.  The EMC (photo above), for example, is the only one in the world; the technology in it is so advanced that they were bold enough to fit an all alloy engine in that bike, in 1948.  And this was the only unit produced.

Honda CB450 DOHC 1969


Honda CB750 K2 1975

Honda CB450 DOHC 1969                                                              Honda CB750 K2 1975

Some other interesting details of the above motorcycles: the Honda CB 450 was imported from the USA to the UK in 1997, and it is wonderfully in its original and pristine condition.  On the other hand the Honda CB 750 was imported from Italy and entirely restored in England by its owner.  As its proprietor suffered an accident when riding his Harley Davidson, and having to remain in a wheelchair for 11 months, he decided to import his dream bike from Italy.  Having the help of a friend he then took the challenge to restore the CB 750 to its best in every possible detail.

Both bikes made a huge impression on me, as my mind took me back to the wonderful 70s.

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