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The year of 2011 - Motorcycling and our family

When clicking at each photo, you will be able to open a bigger picture in another window.  All photos have additional text, to read it place your mouse over them.

The year of 2011 began with few weddings happening (a nephew and a niece "tying the knot"); furthermore the nephew Rodrigo decided to make true his dream of having a motorcycle.  According to him he nurtured this dream since he was a child, and his inspiration came from my own example of having a motorcycle, and travelling a lot throughout Brazil.

He didn´t buy any common motorcycle but a brand new Harley-Davidson Super Glide Custom, 2011.  A fine and shinning piece of machinery with its huge 1.600cc engine.  He will be from now on part of the legion of enthusiasts that have a Harley-Davidson parked at the garage, but due to his heavy workload as a Medical Doctor he won´t be able to enjoy his bike to the fullest.  In my case I have been able to exercise my passion for motorcycles in a everyday basis, and I feel realized by that.  Being able to enjoy a bike and to ride it day after day is really good.

For the "official test-drive" of Rodrigo's Harley-Davidson we did a small ride to the south side of Goiânia - GO; but before that my mum (Rodrigo's grandmother) posed for photos with his bike.  She will be 84 years old by June, 2011.

Mrs. Maria Terezinha and his grandson's Harley-Davison - Goiânia - GO - by the end of January of 2011.

Mrs. Maria Terezinha and her grandson's Harley-Davidson - Goiânia - GO - by the end of January of 2011.

We enjoyed a sunny Sunday morning and did a relaxed short trip around the south suburbs of Goiânia - GO, where some beatiful residential condominiums are located. Me and my brother Irom da Rocha Lima Neto took a test-drive of our nephew's bike, and we congratulated him for having "incorporated" a Harley-Davidson again to our family.  Our grandfather Irom da Rocha Lima brought the first Harley-Davidson to the State of Goiás, circa 1928.

Our bikes at the morning of the 30th of January, 2011. Alphaville Flamboyant.

Here I am testing my nephew's brand new Harley-Davidson

Our bikes at the morning of the 30th of January, 2011.                        Here I am testing my nephew's brand new Harley-Davidson.

Irom (standing up), Rodrigo seated at his Harley-Davidson.

Irom (standing up), Rodrigo seated at his Harley-Davidson.

After this short ride I realized how happy and lucky I am for having the chance to exercise my passion in a daily basis, and for being a passionate motorcyclist all those years (40 Years of Motorcycling).  In reality almost 41 years now. My thoughts took me far,  and I began immediately planning the trips that I am intending to do this year of 2011.

On the 14th of March, 2011 I took my motorcycle for a general maintenance service at Limongi Motors. There was quite a period of time since the last servicing was done, and lately I was doing only the very basic maintenance (engine oil change at 3.000 km intervals) and refuelling at each 200 km ridden, aproximately. The odometer showed a total of 26.000 km.

I left my bike at Limongi Motors workshop, with Denival (a.k.a. Baiano) who is the mechanic that executed the first servicings when I bought my motorcycle three years ago. At this servicing the following items were particularly observed and done:

headlamp change (due to a burned low light);

spark plug change;

engine oil change;

rear brake pads change;

brake fluid change;

carburetor cleaning and tuning;

engine valves cleaning and tuning;

chaindrive adjustment;

general lubrication and nuts and bolts tightening.

This general maintenance servicing had a total cost of R$ 259,00 (being R$ 120,00 for the labour, R$ 10,00 for washing parts and the bike, and R$ 129,00 for the cost of parts applied). Now my motorcycle engine is running much smoothier than before, and I feel that its overall performance has improved quite substantially. Definitely my bike is ready to be ridden along my next coming adventures, as I am intending to do some special trips this year.

On the 23th of April, 2011 we (me and Theresa) went to Morrinhos - GO.  We left Goiânia - GO by 08:00 am and we came back by 15:00 in the afternoon at the same day.  This short trip of approximately 280 km in total aimed two things mainly: ride on a stretch of road out of the daily urban traffic routine and to check a motorcycling event that took place at that city.

Double lane federal road - BR 153, stretch close to Morrinhos - GO.

"Cruising" with style.

Double lane federal road - BR 153, stretch close to Morrinhos - GO.                                                                  "Cruising" with style.

This was too a good opportunity to evaluate my bike´s performance after the general servicing I did previously in it as well.

On the first leg of the trip, after riding around 90 km of the double-lane road (BR-153 federal road) I noticed that something wrong was going on regarding the functioning of the clutch - gear box set.  The clutch began to slip occasionally and the gear box began to produce strange noises sometimes.  This unusual happening, I say unusual because I never had this sort of problem in any of the bikes I had previously in those 41 years of motorcycling I have, resulted in a huge and unpleasant surprise to me due to the small mileage of around 27.000 km my bike has.

Two helmets and their owners

Two helmets and their owners.

As those noises happened again in the way back to Goiânia - GO I decided to take my bike back to Limongi Motors, on Monday (the 25th of April, 2011).  I left it there with my mechanic (Denival, a.k.a. Baiano) in order to sort out this problem, and to get the solution accordingly.

In my opinion, even before having the mechanic´s word, based only in my own experience I feel that the clutch and some gear box parts must be replaced.  This causes me surprise and deception.

Me and my Motard in Morrinhos - GO.

A customized bike that originated from a Honda CB 450.

Me and my Motard in Morrinhos - GO.                                                                  A customized bike that originated from a Honda CB 450.

Surprise due to the way I utilize my motorcycle, and considering its low mileage.  And deception because I never had similar problem with none of all bikes I had previously. 

My feelings concerning the gear box issue became true, unfortunately, thus I had to replace the whole set (primary and secondary transmission) plus the clutch. And some days after that I had to do a welding job at the fuel tank, it was leaking gasoline on the junction of the support that is used to fix the tank to the bike's frame.
Those last two repair jobs plus the general maintenance servicing mentioned before cost me R$ 1.300,00.

A quite rare motortractor Rokon.

A quite rare motortractor Rokon.

Here I feel free to emit my balanced and independent opinion, loaded of truth: the quality of Japanese motorcycles and even of Brazilian motorcycles produced utilizing the Japanese technology incorporated to them, is completely superior to those produced in China.  Consequently the motorcycles produced with Japanese technology have a better performance and durability when compared with its Chinese counterparts.

This guy went very far from Morrinhos - GO, and came back to tell his adventure.

This guy went very far from Morrinhos - GO, and came back to tell his adventure.

I would like to point as well that from all bikes I had previously, the Sundown STX Motard gave me a great pleasure to ride, due to the fact that it has a very well devised and balanced cyclistic, a superb combination of suspension and brakes sets - very efficient indeed, and a sturdy and reliable set of three-wall aluminium wheels in tandem with the Pirelli MT-75 tyres.

This guy went very far from Morrinhos - GO, and came back to tell his adventure.

A beautiful Yamaha TDM 850 Twin.

Theresa taking a rest at the shadow of a tree.                                                                  A beautiful Yamaha TDM 850 Twin.

On the other hand, the other face of the coin isn't so bright, the variety of problems that surfaced in those three years I have the motorcycle point to a lack of quality of the material utilized in the parts, fact that compromise all the final product, consequently resulting in a non-durable and not reliable bike. 


Photo album of the abovementioned event:

I will be posting my trips and rides concerning the year of 2011 as soon as possible.  In the meantime please access the following link for my ultimate adventure - A short ride throughout the Mid-West region of Brazil .  That was a memorable trip I did during four and a half days, 2.544 km ridden from the 30th of May, 2011 to the 3rd of June, 2011.

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