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Sundown Hunter 90: revisiting the seventies in 2007 - Back to the wonder years, remembering my little 50cc

Now in 2007, when I am completing 37 Years of Motorcycling,  I decided to try a new bike - a small motorcycle that had captivated me since the very first moment I saw it: the Sundown Hunter 90.

Since I saw this motorcyle, first on the Internet, and later at the streets of Goiania - GO - Brazil, I realized that it had many positive aspects overall.  And this I could confirm after checking all details of this little bike.

Its retro style in a very well balanced and sleek design, metallic fenders, rear shock absorbers adjustable in five positions, electric and pedal starter, complete instrument panel (speedo and tacho), stainless rear carrier, enclosed roller chain , side and central stand immediately caught my attention.

The 90cc engine is very similar to those made by Honda, nowadays present in millions of motorcycles around the world as part of a silent japanese revolution that began in the sixties.  All that, plus a strong desire to drive again a small motorcycle made me positive about buying it.  And this was what followed.

I read many technical opinions, checked details of this bike closely and had no doubts: I bought mine as soon as I could.  In addition to that, actually, it is relevant to mention that this is the cheapest motorcycle available in Brazil.

Official photo: Sundown Hunter 90.

Official photo: Sundown Hunter 90.

I am sure that I did a very good buy, and I was prepared since the very beginning for the fact that this is a small motorcycle, with an engine that produces a small output.  However, this output in my view, is enough to take me to different places through urban traffic, and to make trips as I always did with all motorcycles I had.

I have been evaluating and making comparisons between the Sundown Hunter 90 and the Honda C-100 Dream I had some years ago.  At the first approach I could say that up to now there is a tie.  Having driven the first kilometers in urban traffic, I decided that was time to put my motorcycle on the road, and so I did it in order to 'work the engine' properly.

My daughter Marcela and me.    Here I am with my dad & mum.    Riding around Areiao Park - Goiania - GO, during a sunny morning of April/2007.

On the 05/04/2007 I decided to go to Brasilia - DF, where I would pay a visit to my uncle Roberto.  Immediately after taking the road I could see how long is the fourth gear relation ratio of this bike, which gives a good elasticity to the engine. At the same token I could see how the engine is limited in power when we have to face the steep stretches of road.  But nothing to fear as I am very experienced in riding small motorcycles in diverse conditions of weather, roads, etc.

A fact drove my attention to the tachometer: at 7.000 rpm the speedometer was showing 80 km/hr.  Because of that I am expecting to drive on roads at speeds ranging from 80 to 100 km/hr without invading the tacho's red zone (which begins at 9.000 rpm).

Due to its performance on my first road trip I am confident of getting a very economic drive, as I used to get with my Honda C-100 Dream, achieving a better final speed and having a bigger autonomy than that I could get with that bike.  I could estimate an average economy of more than  50 km/litre, after having the bike serviced at the first 1.000 km.

Up to now I achieved very good results concerning the economy of fuel, as follows: at the first evaluation I drove 64 km in urban traffic using 1,63 litre of additivated gasoline, resulting in an average of 39,26 km/litre.  I topped up the fuel tank and went to Brasilia - DF, I drove 218,6 km and utilized 5,189 litres of fuel, resulting in an average of 42,12 km/litre.

At my uncle's house, from left: auntie Myrtes, me and uncle Roberto.    My Hunter 90 prepared to be ridden back to Goiania - GO; at my uncle's house - Lago Sul (South Lake) Brasilia - DF.

Returning to Goiania - GO I achieved a result of 42,88 km/litre (215,7 km driven using 5,03 litres of gasoline).  I have taken some photos, and soon they will be published here.

The only setback happened when I was going to Brasilia - DF, in a stretch of road undergoing maintenance works immediately after Abadiania - GO. I hit a reflective signaling device lying at the middle of the road surface; due to high volume of traffic at that moment I couldn't avoid hitting it with the front wheel, I had to fix and balance later the front wheel what I did at the authorized dealer where I bought the bike - Moto Limongi.

Wisney works on my bike's front wheel in order to put it back to its original shape.    From left: Wisney, Dino Giuseppe Limongi, and Antonio. This photo was taken on the occasion of the 1.000 km service at Moto Limongi - Sundown dealer in Goiania - GO - Brazil.

If I had seen the obstacle prior to hit it, and in normal traffic conditions, I would pull the handle bar towards my chest - as we do in motocross - easing in that way the impact of the front wheel at the mentioned signaling device.

On the 26/04/07 I went to Caldas Novas - GO.  Having stopped at Cristianopolis - GO to fill the fuel tank I observed that I had driven 260 km - being 178 km in urban traffic and 82 km on the road - resulting in a consumption of 6,914 litres of fuel.  The final result was an average consumption of 37,60 km/litre.  I completed then my trip and came back to Goiania - GO next day.

After that, on the 30/04/07, I achieved an average of 39,14 km/litre (274 km utilizing 7 litres of gasoline in road traffic conditions).  The 1.000 km maintenance service was done at Moto Limongi on the 30/04/07.  They did all the routine procedures such as: oil change, valve adjustments, roller chain lubrication, a complete nuts & bolts tightening, etc.

Entre-Trevos fuel station, at Cristianopolis - GO. Heading to Caldas Novas - GO.    Close to Caldas Novas - GO. At the horizon we see the Caldas Sierra.    My Sundown Hunter 90 close to a water feature, at the main entrance to the city of Caldas Novas - GO.

On the 28/05/07 I topped up the tank, this time after the 1.000 km maintenance service.  I achieved the excelent mark of 40,14 km/litre - I rode 364,9 km with 9,09 litre of additivated gasoline.  It is important to mention that this average, very economic by the way,  was observed in intense urban traffic. The Sundown Hunter 90 is, in my opinion, completely approved in this sense.  It is also worth mentioning that I had to begin using the tank's fuel reserve after riding 363,8 km (riding in urban traffic only).

Exactly one month after that (on the 28th of June, 2007) I topped up the fuel, and I obtained an average of 39,35 km/litre (375 km ridden spending 9,53 litre of gasoline).

As a result of that I am now observing that the bike is smoother than before, and will be better and better in the near future.  Most certainly after the second maintenance service that will be made by the 3.000 km.  From now on I am looking for the target of 50 km/litre when driving on road traffic conditions.

My son Amyr and I; Goiania - GO January, 2008.

Total Km (until 02/05/2008) Km on roads
6 320 2 770

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