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As I noticed that my first page on the Sundown STX Motard was getting too long, I decided to insert this new page on my website, in order to better write about my current bike, and the trips I have been doing on it.

In this first semester of 2009 many important facts correlated to motorcycling in general have happened in our city: at the very beginning of May/2009 opened its doors the first Harley Davidson dealership in the city.  During June (20/06/2009) was Kawasaki's turn to unveils a superb dealership in the city, named Voar Kawasaki.  Coincidently both dealerships are closely located, in the vicinities of Praça do Sol (in the west side of the City).

When clicking at each photo, you will be able to open a bigger picture in another window.  All photos have additional text, to read it place your mouse over them.

Front of the Harley Davidson dealer in Goiânia - GO. This store also is an authorized dealer to Buell, Ducati, Triumph and MV Agusta brands.    A Saturday morning - 30/06/2009 - meeting at the main entrance of the Harley Davidson dealer.

Both dealerships are very well located, with installations that are second to none if compared with those dealerships I have been visiting around the world, in my 39 Years of Motorcycling - in Europe, Australia and USA.

Interior of the Kawasaki dealer (Voar Kawasaki); Saturday morning (20/06/2009).    Interior of the Kawasaki dealer workshop (Voar Kawasaki); Saturday morning (20/06/2009).

I have been participating in such events, as a way of keeping informed about motorcycling in general, and as a way of meeting old friends.  During the opening event of Voar Kawasaki - a new dealership in the city I could meet some of these old friends.  Some of them I first met in the beginning of the seventies, when I had my first motorcycle (a Yamaha YF5, "the little fifty").

Me and Marcio de Queiroz Barreto. Marcio used to ride a Yamaha 180 (two cilinders) at the beggining of the seventies when I had my Yamaha YF5 - "the little fifty".

Another relevant fact worth mentioning is that once more Goiânia - GO is the start point of the Rally dos Sertões, now in its 17th edition, one of the most important adventure rally races worldwide (second only to the famous Dakar Rally).

Me and my Sundown STX Motard, on the morning of 22/06/2009, at the boxes area of the 17º Rally dos Sertões.    Here we see two KTM 450 EXCR, belonging to the Super Production category, ready to go to scrutineering.

Trip to Lavras and Tiradentes - MG:

During the period of 25,26,27 and 28/06/2009 I made a trip to the cities of Lavras and Tiradentes, both in the State of Minas Gerais (MG) - Brazil.  This way I could pay a visit to my daughter that lives in Lavras - MG, and I could spend Saturday, the 27th of June, 2009 attending the famous Bike Fest at Tiradentes - MG.  My Sundown STX Motard had a superb performance, and achieved a general average consumption of 27,97 km/litre (I spent a total of 70,79 litres of gasoline to ride the distance of 1.980 kilometers).

Sunrise at the proximities of Palmelo - GO.    Stretch of road between Ipameri - GO and Catalão - GO.    Honda CB 300R - recently unveiled by Honda in Brazil and my STX Sundown Motard, Lavras - MG on the 26/06/2009.

From the trip between Goiânia - GO and Lavras - MG I selected two photos (the first two from the left); the third photo was taken in Lavras - MG on the 26th of June, 2009 - I made a point of getting a visual comparison between the recent launched Honda CB 300R side by side with my Sundown STX Motard, allowing in such way an evaluation of the looks of two styles (Motard x Naked).

The sequence of photos below shows a representative sample of the mentioned event.  In reality the Tiradentes Bike Fest is the most important meeting for those motorcyclists that are experienced and passionate at the same time, due to the variety of motorcycle styles and origin.  Some of the bikes at the event were a showcase of rarity.

It is important to mention that the gathering of people and bikes went in a steady building up from 10:00 A.M. towards its climax by 02:00 P.M.  I made a point of getting some photos of my valiant Sundown STX Motard close to the "big shots".

The gathering area of the Tiradentes Bike Fest by 10:00 hs. Many motorcyclists were still in bed by this time of the day.    People arriving at the event by 11:00 hs.    Everybody is welcome to the event.

The photo in the middle below illustrates this fact: see how my Motard makes an impression if compared with the looks of the Ducati MTS 1100 (Multistrada).  I even commented with the Ducati's owner that his bike was "upgrading" my bike merely by proximity.  If we take in account that the Sundown STX Motard with its 200cc of displacement could take me there, and make a visual point sideways with his bike that has 1.100cc, so this is what matters the most.

A female motorcyclist rides her Can Am Spyder trike.    My Sundown STX Motard shows off sideways the Ducati MTS 1100 - Multistrada.    A proud granddaddy carries his grandson.

The three photos below show how different bikes and brands enriched the event.  Each one in it style.

The building up of the public.    Here we have one of the magnificent early GS 800 models from BMW.    A special spot to park in.

When a bike is so customized that it is a showcase in itself it deserves a twofold photo (front and rear).

It takes me nothing to catch the public attention.    A showcase in customization.    Here I am posing with my Sundown STX Motard.

What a must would be if every Harley Davidson had its own Bull Terrier to guard it.  The photo in the middle shows me greeting the guy in the bicycle - not a common bicycle, but a pushbike full of tricks: various sounds of motorcycles and the pure rock'n'roll of Credence Clearwater Revival.  The last photo of the sequence below shows a stretch of road close to  Nazareno - MG.

Harley Davidson with a special bodyguard.    This pushbike and its owner made my day at Tiradentes - MG.    A beautiful view close to the town of Nazareno - MG.

All the following photos below show my return trip to Goiânia - GO.  I left Lavras - MG by 06:15 hrs (early in the morning).  The previous night we had a torrential downpour of rain, causing a misty early morning.  The first photo shows the sunrise close to the city of Perdões - MG, the second photo from the left shows mountains close to Formiga - MG, and the third one shows me and my Motard at the Doidão Petrol Station (BR-365, rural area of Patrocício - MG; that is the capital of Café do Cerrado in Brasil, Café do Cerrado is the trademark of special coffees produced in the highlands of the Minas Gerais plateau).

Sunrise close to Perdões - MG.    Photo shoot session close to Formiga - MG.    Here I am posing to a photo at Doidão Petrol Station (rural area of Patrocínio - MG).

I am sure that my Sundown STX Motard deserved to be extensively photographed due to its wonderful performance along the roads I have ridden on. Along all the traject crossing part of the States of Goiás and Minas Gerais (1.980 kilometers), my Motard showed its best.  I had a pleasant trip, mainly due to the fact that I could trust on my bike's performance: I could maintain speeds between the 100 - 115 km/h bracket, revving in the interval between 5.000 and 7.000 rpm, that means being well below the 9.000 rpm red zone mark. It is important to emphasize once more that my bike achieved a general average consumption of 27,97 km/l.

Container carrying Chinese products. My Sundown STX Motard is well placed in this photo.    Road close to Ibiá - MG.    Nice view of pastures close to Patrocínio - MG.

All the steps I took in order to do the correct engine break-in pay off.  The extra care I had concernig inflating tyres with nitrogen, the fact that I always added 100ml of Bardhal B-12 to the engine oil (I use Castrol Actevo as recommended by Sundown), the attention I had towards lubricating the chaindrive produced a concrete result.  My bike is in superb condition, and performing as if I had a much powerful bike in hands.

Proximities of the crossroads between MG -232 and BR-050 roads. Partial view of the lake formed by the dam of the hydro-electric plant of Emborcação, close to Araguari - MG.    Stretch of road between Pires do Rio - GO and Palmelo - GO by the sunset.

During the rest of this year of 2009 I intend to do other trips with my Sundown STX Motard.  Further information on my Motard can be accessed on the following link.

The fantastic land of Kalunga