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Sundown STX Motard: Megacycle Sao Lourenco - MG - Brazil - November, 2009

When clicking at each photo, you will be able to open a bigger picture in another window.  All photos have additional text, to read it place your mouse over them.

After travelling to Kalunga country, at the proximities of Cavalcante - GO, by the end of July, 2009, I came back to Goiânia - GO and kept doing my daily routine.  But I was foreseeing another trip, as well.  This time I would go, by plane, to São Paulo - SP during October/2009 to visit, as a guest the Salão Duas Rodas, and to participate as well at the competition of the  Best Motorcyclist of Brazil as a finalist chosen by Duas Rodas magazine and Shell Advance lubricant oil.

During my stay in São Paulo - SP, I met a very nice couple -  Márcia Moniz and Alberto Pellegrini - they are the founders and promoters of the very famous Megacycle - a motorcycle event that has been running high for the last 16 years. I was invited by them to visit the Megacycle São Lourenço - MG, which took place at that city of Minas Gerais state, during the period between the 20th and 22nd of November, 2009.

Alberto is a business partner of Emerson Fittipaldi (a very famous Brazilian racing driver, two times Formula One world champion, and a Indianapolis winner as well with Formula Indy); they have a Kawasaki dealership in São Paulo - SP.

After attending the mentioned events in São Paulo - SP I began to prepare my trip to São Lourenço - MG, with an overnight pit stop in Lavras - MG where my daughter lives. This time I made the option to go via BR-153 road up to Minas Gerais state: Goiânia - Itumbiara, in Goiás, Uberlândia - Araxá - Arcos - Perdões - Lavras, in Minas Gerais, totalling 886 km.  The whole way is in very good conditions; only some minor stretches of the BR-153 road are under construction of the second lane (duplication works) within the state of Goiás.

I left Goiânia - GO at the early morning of the 19th of November, 2009; and I arrived in Lavras - MG, after covering the distance of 886 km in thirteen hours.  The following day I completed the trip to São Lourenço - MG (212 km).

I drove at the Fernão Dias road until the entrance to Campanha - MG, and from there I could enjoy superb local roads.  This was a very pleasant trip indeed.

First refuelling pit stop of the trip. Décio petrol station - Petrobras, in Araporã - MG. Excellent facilities, top quality customer service.    Second refuelling pit stop of the trip. Décio petrol station - Petrobras, in Uberlândia - MG. Excellent facilities, top quality customer service

This trip had a different flavour for me.  Firstly because it was my intention to do this trip with my brother.  He would be putting his Yamaha XTZ - X (250cc, Supermotard) for the first time in a longer trip (we did some short trips together).  But due to his heavy daily workload he had to postpone his intention of doing such a trip to a later occasion.  Secondly because I am due to achieve a very expressive personal mark of 40 Years of Motorcycling in May, 2010.

Morning of 20/11/2009. My Sundown STX Motard alongside the first bikes to arrive at the venue of Megacycle São Lourenço - November 2009.    Opening ceremony for the Megacycle São Lourenço - November, 2009 event. Highlight for the couple to the left - masterminders and promoters of this event - Alberto Pellegrini e Márcia Moniz.

My Sundown STX Motard is ideally ready for those trips I have been doing lately; its performance is second to none, and its engine works regularly well in such trips.  It has been really a motorcycle I can trust on road trips, and it is a pleasure to ride it (in my view Sundown under estimated its strenght on the market with this model, and didn't take any advantage from the fact that they pioneered the motard category in Brazil, from the end of 2007).  Anyway, I feel that I have the priviledge of riding a very different bike, that captivate people instantly by its appeal and looks, and that have been taking me places timely and consistently, and that it has been trustworthy.

Magnificent Kawasaki Voyager XII, belonging to Alberto Pellegrini, co-owner with Emerson Fittipaldi of the Fittipaldi Kawasaki dealership at São Paulo - SP.    Strong presence of the Husqvarna 610 SM (Supermotard).

The event was very good, despite the small crowd present there.  They had a superb attendance during May, 2009 when they had more than 15.000 motorcyclists attending the event at that occasion, according to Márcia Moniz - the lady who organizes it.  But for me was a very good occasion to get to know people, and to appreciate the various styles of motorcycles there.  And, principally to meet the couple Márcia and Alberto again, with their natural empathy.

A customized Harley Davidson.    In a class of its own: the Honda CB 400 Four, 1977.    Diverse styles: bikes for all tastes.

The public attending this event had the priviledge of watching very good blues shows, and to become mesmerized by the acrobacies of Jorge Negretti Free Style Show team peacefully.

Jorge Negretti Show, where motorcycles can fly easily.    A very nice jump, contrasting with the cloudy sky.    Motorcycles for speed lovers. A brand new customized Honda Fireblade.

I make a point, as my personal code of conduct, that in such events I try to take the most from the occasion to see different bikes, to interact with nice people and to enjoy my trips, way in and way out.  Furthermore I have an open mind towards motorcycles: if a vehicle has two wheels and an engine, so I appreciate it.

A biker and his customized Harley Davidson, authentically "Renegade" style.    Two BMW, two styles, but the same German craftsmanship.    Back view of the "six gunner" Honda Valkyrie, a very nice optical set. A very nice big size custom.

Different styles mix together to offer the best of choices for the trully motorcycle lovers.  This is a fact!  Check it out this very nice yellow Honda Valkyrie.

This is an authentic "six gunner"; nothing more to add.    My Sundown STX Motard in front of the portico of Megacycle 2009.    Nice green pastures: a constant view in the state of Minas Gerais.

I became really impressed by the good conservation of the roads I rode in Minas Gerais.  The state's south part, with the many coffee farms, and milk cattle farms as well is beatiful, and the roads offer a nice ride for everyone.

Monument to Edson Arantes do Nascimento - Pelé - by the crossroads intersection leading to the city of Três Corações - MG, birthplace of the very famous footballer.           Petrobras petrol station at the proximities of Araxá - MG; me and my Sundown STX Motard, and João Batista and his Suzuki Bandit 1200cc. João Batista lives in Uberlândia - MG.

During my trip I could enjoy a lot the green mountains, and feel the good vibe of riding a motorcycle on well maintained roads.  I already knew most of the way from previous trips to the region.  I really enjoyed travelling there, and I thought that my report of this trip could give an extra incentive to my fellow riders at forum, in order to enthuse them to take the road with their bikes; whenever and wherever possible.

I observed what I really knew for years: keeping good and constant average speeds enable us to achieve what bigger bikes get.  Exemplifying: I was overtaken by a motorcyclist in his Suzuki Bandit 1200cc.  Before the town of Iguatama - MG he made a pit stop to refuel his bike and I went ahead straight through; he was able to overtake me only 250 km ahead, and came to talk to me at this petrol station after Araxá - MG - towards the direction of Uberlândia - MG.

The Ararajuba, a mascot used by Petrobras, "presents" my Motard. Petrobras petrol station - Decio - in Araporã - MG, close to Paranaíba river, state border: Minas Gerais - Goiás.

During my return trip on the 23rd of November, 2009 I did five pit stops for refuelling the bike, two pit stops to dress my rain suit set (One before Uberlândia - MG, and another before Araporã - MG), and one pit stop in order to show documents to a road police of the Federal Road Police, after Itumbiara - GO.  Even with all those stops I was able to cover a distance of 886 km in approximately thirteen hours, what I reckon is an excelent outcome if we consider the small output of my bike's engine (200cc).  I should add that small output engines always have a chance to outperform bigger engines, all depends on who are revving them.

Along those nearly 40 Years of Motorcycling, to be completed in May, 2010 I learned that what matters most is to maintain good average speed, stopping only when really it is necessary.  Acting this way I always had good results during my trips.

The whole trip totalled 2.200 km, my motorcycle had a consumption of 76,85 litres of gasoline, thus resulting in an average consumption of 28,63 km/litre.  In my view this is an excelent mark for a 200cc engine, principally if we take in account that I was maintaining average speeds around the 110 km/hour mark.

Me, Waldir and his beautiful and rare Yamaha YDS7, 1971.

Me, Waldir and his beautiful and rare Yamaha YDS7, 1971.

During the Megacycle, in São Lourenço - MG, on the 21st of November, 2009 I had the happy surprise of coming across a Yamaha YDS7, 1971, 250cc, dentical to that I owned in 1973 / 1974. It took me 36 years to have such a pleasant and happy surprise, since I sold mine.  During all those years I never had seen a bike like that anymore. The lucky owner (Waldir) of this Yamaha icon of the beginning of the seventies just bought this bike few weeks ago; the bike still is very original in all details.  He said to me he will do a very detailed restoration of his bike, I imediatelly encourage him to do so.

This very lucky and rare "close encounter of the third kind" made my day, and made my trip.  The photo above shows that clearly.


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