The Hot Waters Region in the State of Goias - Brazil comprises the towns of Caldas Novas and Rio Quente. Nature was so generous to this hinterland that provided not only many natural hot water springs to the place, but also a stream of hot water, actually a river of hot water (Rio Quente). These waters, with temperatures normally ranging from 35 to 52º C, are very well known because of their therapeutic properties. They attract people from all over Brazil, as well as from other countries.






The region was first visited by explorers searching for gold (the "bandeirantes") in the early 1700's, that initial settlement originated the city of Caldas Novas, nowadays with a resident population around 60.000 people. This number increases substantially during the season period reaching 300.000 people or more.

Caldas Novas and Rio Quente altogheter have the largest number of hotels, resorts and water park resorts of Brazil's Mid-West region. Here nature provides many different alternatives to tourists searching for fun, sun and plenty of bubbling natural hot water. There is a lake in Caldas Novas for those who want great fishing spots, or a ride on a jet-ski or a boat. This lake is the reservatory of the hydro-electric plant (Usina do Corumba), and its closeness to the city's downtown make it a new and handy attraction for tourists, and an option to vary from the wonderful hot waters.






A variety of tours is offered by the hotels and travel agents in the region, all geared towards exploring the natural beauty of scenery at Serra de Caldas Novas and its plateau, or the man-made leisure parks, as Hot Park at Pousada do Rio Quente Resorts for instance. It is important to mention that many hotels in the region have their own natural springs of hot water, and swimming and bathing pools fed by those waters constantly renewed, as well as swimming pools fed by cold or natural water, of course.

The water's temperature and chemical composition are widely known for relaxation of tired muscles, thus eliminating stress. In addition the waters also are famous for aiding in digestion, relief for rheumatic diseases and stimulation of the endocrinal glands. Be sure of coming here and taking the most from this natural paradise on earth.






A brand new and very well equipped State Park is waiting for your visit (State Park Serra de Caldas Novas). Make sure you get plenty of enthusiasm to walk on trails, do a lot of birdwatching, going in a photographic safari, or simply to appreciate the scenery in a drive from within a comfortable Mercedes-Benz van with air-conditioning.

As the world's biggest hydrothermal source the region of Caldas Novas and Rio Quente is naturally endowed to please any kind of tourist demanding relaxing and healthy vacations. It's exquisite fauna and flora will enchant you forever!

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